Thank God for New Days

Yesterday was tough. I woke up early to prepare for a presentation to the entire school district about promoting mental health. As soon as I turned on my phone, I learned that one of our key presenters was not going to make it due to illness. “We’ll figure something out,” I texted. “No worries.”  (I also sent a virtual bouquet and some love, for good measure.)

I spent most of my morning mindfulness practice “figuring something out.” Then I walked our dog—still figuring. I devised a plan that I thought would work well. To make a long story short, the morning took many twists and turns until we ended up almost as planned with a substitute presenter taking our ill friend’s place.

It worked out.

However, during my presentation, everything that could go wrong went wrong. The audio didn’t work for the super cute mindfulness video I was going to show at the beginning of my presentation to set the tone. So I had to rush into CASEL’s core competencies ahead of time, stumbling over words in the process. In order for the audience to see the screen, somebody turned the lights out, so for the rest of the presentation, I stood in the dark looking out over dim faces in the large auditorium. And somehow, I skipped one of the most powerful slides in the deck.

Although I got great feedback from the people I talked to after the presentation, I felt like I hadn’t done my best work. I was drained. The rest of the day didn’t go much better. I came home and ruminated until my husband gently reminded me, “it’s in the past.”

I crashed at 8 p.m.

Today, on the other hand, was awesome. After nine hours of sleep and a morning at the office, I worked at my favorite spots (the co-op and a local coffee shop, Java Johns). During lunch, a colleague came up and told me I did a good job on yesterday’s presentation (thanks!). After work, I rehearsed with a group of talented singers and came home to a cooked dinner. Later on, I chatted with one of my beta readers, a college student, about my book and she told me she wanted all her friends to read it (yay!). And to wrap up the day, I hung out with my high school senior (where did the time go?), and we laughed until we cried as she assembled this tweet:

Thank God for new days!


  1. Katrina Brickley says

    My Mother continues to remind me, “tomorrow will be a better day”, and she’s never been wrong. Thanks for being absolutely open in your posts. You always make me smile.

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